Paul Morafon

I started making pewter in 1978, so it’s taken 35 years to develop the items on sale at The Maker’s Mark! I was taught the technique of repousse pewter by a friend of my mother’s called Eve Lynch.

The origins of pewter go back in to the mists of history. One of the reasons the Romans were lured to Britain was because of the abundant supplies of tin in Cornwall. There have been lots of different mixes of the alloy but the rolled pewter, which I use, is made up of 95% tin, 4% antimony and 1% copper. It is .006 of an inch in thickness.

Other materials used in my hand crafted range are picture glass, hardwood, plywood, brass screws, turn-buttons and felt. The mirrors and photo frames are signed, usually along the edge where it is unobtrusive. Most of the photo frames have two strut positions to accommodate horizontal or vertical photographs.

Over the past 15 years, I have developed my skills in casting pewter, resulting in my puffin range, Celtic knot trivett and the Calon Spoon which was featured in the ‘Emporium’ section of Country Living magazine, January 2000.

All my work is produced here in Pembrokeshire.