Moira Williams – Moriath Glass

My glass is an abstract representation of the world around me, with echoes of land and sky, earth and air – a curve of green hills, the rolling blues of the sea, wings straining against a north wind.


I work with the optical lightness and colour play of the glass – it is by turns bold, luminous, ephemeral, vibrant, colourful, subtle.

It is a solitary, introspective, medium-focused work which by its very nature cannot be rushed – there is plenty of time to pause, reflect, layer and adjust. Most of my pieces involve multiple firings where layers of design are added at each stage.

Moriath Glass-spring-greens

Living and working on a smallholding in west Wales I am surrounded by the most wonderful inspiration. I step out of the studio to gather hawthorn, oak and ivy leaves to encase in glass; I look up and spot a pair of ravens skyfalling in dazzling sunlight; I look down and gaze through the reflective surface of the pond to the life teeming in the layers beneath.