Fran Evans

I have lived in Pembrokeshire for most of my life which has undoubtedly influenced the subjects tackled. I have been described as ‘whimsical’ and ‘quirky’ but it is a reflection of how I see the world, with the help of a little daydreaming.

Things I am inspired by include, reading the dictionary, quirks of nature, village life, memories, fragments of old china… .. to name but a few! They change daily.

The challenge of illustration for me lies in developing the ability to hold on in my mind’s eye for long enough to transfer it onto paper. Then allowing it to evolve if necessary.

Reference to childhood memories and allowing my head to be in the clouds is essential -trying to keep feet on the ground is the tricky bit.

I have had work published by Two Bad Mice, Picadilly Books, Gomer Press, Andre Deutsch, Templar and Natural Scottish Heritage.