Carole King

Futher information

I live and work in beautiful West Wales as a fine artist, using a multi media approach which includes painting printmaking and artists books.

I started making books for my own use, using ‘trial prints’ as covers, but I never had enough…. so I started printing papers specifically for the purpose. This soon grew into making books for friends and to sell.

Printing paper starts with an idea in a sketchbook. Finished drawings are transferred to silkscreens and each layer of colour is printed individually. This printing process encourages experimentation with multiple colour ways and patterns and so few sheets of paper are ever the same. An A3 sheet of wrapping paper is just enough for a special gift.

My limited edition greetings cards are also printed using this method.

My notebooks, sketchbooks and journals are constructed from first principles to create hand stitched, hardback books in multiple sizes. These contain lined paper, good quality cartridge or watercolour paper or are designed for used as visitors books.  Each book is covered in one of my own papers and is therefore completely handmade and unique.