Andrea Kelland

Whether painting in oils or watercolours, large or small, Andrea paints with boldness and sensitivity, with strong shapes and rich colours. Her work is almost entirely concerned with the Pembrokeshire coastline : an immense source of material.

Her paintings of land meeting sea have a strong sense of place, of history , and of now. Having selected a subject, she’ll strive to retain that landscapes’ particular poetry or drama. She’ll paint the grand and eroding cliffs, the rocky headlands shaped by the sea’s force, rocky pools, caves, wide bays or simply the tideline.

Often she’ll choose to paint a place where man has made his mark , the harbours and quarries around the coast. The Blue lagoon at Abereiddy is a particular favourite, where the ruins of quarry buildings and the deep green waters have a resonant stillness.

Andrea lives in South Pembrokeshire and is a well-respected & recognised artist in Pembrokeshire.

Trained in Fine Art : Painting at Kingston in the early 60’s. After graduation Andrea lived in Devon from where her family originates. While her family were growing up, she ran a clothing business ‘Schmocks’ and in 1976 held an exhibition of screen-printed smocks in Totnes, Devon.

Once her children left home, she set out to live in Wales and resume painting, having her first exhibition at the Taliesin Arts Centre, Swansea in 1992. Andrea has continued to show her work there and throughout Wales & England since. In 1998 she was selected as a member of the Watercolour Society of Wales (WSW).

Although most of her work is coastal landscape, she is open to other work, and looks forward to making portraits and work based on legend and imagined more abstract work. Andrea lives near the sea, at Amroth, with views across to distant Lundy island.