Roni Roberts

Roni Roberts Woodworking

Having been brought up in a medieval farmhouse in the beautiful Gwaun valley in north pembrokeshire living a self-sufficient lifestyle Roni has been nurtured by tradition, nature and sustainability. These inform every aspect of her work & indeed her life.

“It is both a pleasure & a privilege to work in a traditional craft with a natural material like wood. All my wood is locally sourced & none has ever been felled for me. In fact much of my work is produced from hedgerow trimming or coppicing & the tree only grows stronger afterwards.

I have no need for exotic timber. The range & beauty of wood in the immediate area is vast. I’ve worked with Burr Elm, Walnut, Cedar, Yew, Laburnam, Cherry, Apple as well as oak, ash, lime, Sycamore…the list goes on. Occasionally I am enraptured to find something just that little bit unusual – a small burr in some Elder or Laburnum, delicate figuring, scars healed over showing human involvement years ago. Some are a source of pain as well as delight – nails or wire cause havoc with my tools but can leave beautiful colouring in the surrounding wood.

I will also work with reclaimed wood. Indeed many of my tools & machines were originally used by other skilled craft workers & are reclaimed from a previous life. My band-saw was designed for cloth-cutting at a local clothing factory whilst my largest lathe started its life as a metal spinning lathe (making such things as saucepans). I therefore work not just with nature around & within my work but also with the feel of history & tradition all around.

I work with green wood or seasoned, branch wood or planked from entire tree trunks. All the work (such as planking the trunks & seasoning) is done on site thereby impacting on the environment as little as possible. The work is mainly finished with an oil/wax mixture then wax polish. I will use a food-safe finish whenever requested.”